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Fabric Wall Decals-Can they really look stunning ?

As a designer I keep exploring ,looking for new ideas,something that will be exciting and I would like to have them in my house or my room.Something that no one has made ,something really new( no cushion and no pillows for a change).I finally got an idea,I have always liked wall decals,so as a fabric designer I thought why not try making something unique ,I am sure there are lot of fabric decals out there in the market,but why not add another dimension of hand sequins decals,they will be a bit shiny,glittery but I don't think anybody would mind a piece of jewellery hanging on there wall.But that's my assumption and I am ready for my explorationsDSC_1934 and having fun making these small  cute items.Will be putting them in my etsy shop soon :) .

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