Design something unique...

Define a new shape...

Explore a new possibility...


"A very honest and constant, efforts are made to give best quality high end

luxury product to our valuable customers. Every pillow and quilt is made with

love and a lot of hard work.With each creation there is a story to tell."


                                                              Invention in pillows

I embarked on a journey to invent unique products   in pillows. Shaped pillows, is   my idea that I would like to share universally. Inspiration comes from nature and something I read or see that truly inspires me during my inventive processes. The  material I use is beautiful soft velvet and silk fabric which comes in varied qualities. Bringing these beauties to every home is  a  dream  which  I  aim  to  soon  turn  into  a  reality.


                                                                  Handmade Quilts

From the start of my career, I was trained in making life size tracings for quilts and then it went on as long extended freelance projects. I was already in love with  embroideries and producing different textures, seeing all this, one day,my sister suggested ,to get into making quilts with textures. I took her suggestion quiet seriously which turned out fruitful and I soon started churning  out a lot of custom orders. My inspiration is nature,and anything that touches my heart. The material is mostly cotton and silk fabrics. Bringing handmade high end quality quilts to universal Home & Living.

                                                                           Work Studio

Turning my ideas and concepts into a reality ,are the artisans who I work with.They are the people without whom my work will be incomplete and the magic I create is all through there talent.I like to do everything in house so even my big size quilts are washed in-house. We have all worked together as a team to create Tatvakala,since 2009.