Yellow Throw Pillow-Add Ruffles To A Handmade Pillow

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Yellow Throw Pillow-Add Ruffles To A Handmade Pillow

Something funky with ruffles around.Soft fuzzy furry silk round pillow.Its playful and a lovely piece to add to your beautiful home decor collection.If you are having a baby shower or planning a wedding ,soft frilly blue pillows will make you shine in your party.

Ok,So Whats The Yellow Throw Pillow Size and Weight?

The size is 12 inches height and weighs around 300gms.

Hmmm, A Handmade pillow.Whats the material?

I use polysilk to make it and inside is silken soft  fibre.

Its Looks Good For Gifting,So Do you have any packaging and delivery details?

I vacuum pack it.When you open the packet it will take its ball form.And mostly I send it by fedx so it takes 7 working days to reach destination.

Can You Make More Pieces?Can you Custom size The Blue Pillow for me ? Do you have any other colour?

Yes to all the above.I can custom size it,increase the order quantity.And the colour you can choose from the palette box.

Any Reviews For The Ruffle Pillow?

You can definitely look at my etsy reviews.

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